About Grainger PLC

Grainger Plc, the proud custodian of Berewood, has been growing and investing in communities for over a century.

Established in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1912, it is the UK’s largest listed residential landlord, manager and developer, and prides itself on creating great rental homes and communities that meet the needs and aspirations for renters today and tomorrow.

Using this experience, Grainger’s vision at Berewood is to build a sustainable and vibrant community where people will put down roots and enjoy for generations to come.


As well as manging the site, Grainger Plc has 104 rental homes on site at Berewood.

We’re focused on providing services that take all the hassles out of renting and make our customers’ lives easier, from pet friendly homes to dedicated Property Managers and a 24 hour repairs service.

Find out more about the homes to rent with Grainger at Berewood.