Proposed Development of Blue Star Land

Monday, March 13, 2023

Development proposals are being worked up to enable the submission of an outline planning application on Blue Star land for up to 90 dwellings plus associated drainage and public open space.

The site, known as Blue Star land, is located immediately to the north-west of the Waterlooville Fire Station as shown on the site location plan below.

The Blue Star land has been allocated for development by Havant Borough Council for almost a decade. Firstly, within the adopted Havant Borough Local Plan (Allocations) July 2014, for mixed use development of housing and main town centre uses, and then within the Local Plan that was withdrawn in March 2022 Blue Star land for residential development of about 90 dwellings. The Havant Housing Delivery Position Statement (March 2022) identifies Blue Star land as site WV4, where the principle of development is accepted for an indicative amount of 90 dwellings.

Below are plans that show how development areas could be laid out on the site while retaining the trees around the perimeter and footpaths that cross it. Multipurpose public open space is also shown that would enable the site to drain sustainably and provide for areas of play.

Vehicular access to the site would be taken from Laxton Leaze within the Berewood development, and the potential for emergency only access is being explored from the corner of Ellisons Lane and Peasgood Place.

Please send any comments or enquiries by Friday 24 March 2023 to:, or call Savills on 023 8071 3900

A public presentation of the plans will be taking place at:

Newlands Parish Council AGM
Thursday 30th March, 7:30pm
Newlands Community Hall

Residents are invited to attend.