Redrow Supports Berewood Primary School Year 6 Leavers

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Redrow has donated £570 to Berewood Primary School in sponsorship of the leaver’s hoodies for the outgoing cohort of Year 6 students.

This marks the second cohort of students who have completed their primary schooling at Berewood Primary School and the hoodies that Redrow have donated will help students mark this important milestone in their education.

Mrs Sally Nelson, Year 6 Leader at Berewood Primary School, commented: “We are very grateful to Redrow for this generous donation towards the hoodies for the second year in a row. As another great year comes to and end and we say goodbye to our fabulous year 6 pupils, it is great to see them wearing their hoodies on their last day of primary school. We hope they are a special keepsake for the children to remember their happy Berewood School days and memories.

Redrow’s Elm Green phase is located only half a mile from Berewood Primary School. There are a number of three- and four- bedroom homes currently available to purchase, all from the Heritage Collection, which appeals to the traditional architecture of the region with a modern twist.

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